Veterinary House Calls - Dr. Loudon, Long Island, NY

Veterinary House Calls

Veterinary house calls are convenient, and also provide you, the pet guardian, with peace of mind. I offer urgent care, wellness care, chronic disease management, chronic pain management, and hospice care for your pet, in the comfort of your home.

Urgent Care

Urgent care addresses acute pain, ear infections, lameness, wounds, eye issues, skin allergies, urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, etc.

For an urgent care appointment, I do a thorough physical examination of your pet as well as a review of your pet’s medical history. Based on the examination results, I may recommend further diagnostic testing. If your pet needs radiographs, I can provide transportation to a veterinary hospital. Sometimes, a pet needs to be hospitalized. In this case, I will recommend a 24-hour veterinary hospital. If your pet has severe symptoms, like excessive bleeding, difficulty breathing, collapse, blue tinged tongue or gums, or a severely distended abdomen, take them to a 24-hour facility immediately.

My urgent veterinary house call visit is $200. Any necessary treatments or diagnostics are additional. I can provide estimates prior to the house call at your request.

Whole Pet Wellness Program

I treat each patient as an individual. When I make recommendations for your pet, I take into consideration, breed-type, sex, age, size, activity level, and environmental exposure. I promote a patient-specific integrative health plan that combines conventional and alternative therapies. This is the best way to maintain your pet’s health, in my professional experience.

After an initial consultation and thorough examination, I will send you a detailed report that covers every aspect of your pet’s health. The report includes recommendations for vaccination, strategic diagnostic testing, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, supplementations, exercise, grooming, training, and more. This will be your guide to ensuring that your pet lives a healthy, long life. I will help you to make the best decisions for your pet’s health as well as  identify potential health issues early on. In addition, I will teach you about diseases that are more prevalent in your pet’s breed type, and what to look out for. You and I, as a team, will ensure that your pet lives its best life.

My veterinary house call examination is $160. The lifetime wellness plan is an additional one time fee of $90.

Chronic Pain Management

Appropriate pain management can greatly lengthen and elevate the quality of a pet’s life. Sadly, pain management is often started too late, if started at all. It is very important to develop a plan around a patient’s specific needs that will change as symptoms progress.

Many of my patients are geriatric, large breed dogs that are barely able to rise or walk when I first meet them. However, after a comprehensive treatment and health plan is started, these patients become active and happy for many more months, even years. A pain management plan can include diet change, supplements, massage therapy, acupuncture, water therapy, and physical therapy.

The first chronic pain veterinary house call examination is $160. Any necessary treatments or diagnostics are additional. I can provide estimates prior to the house call at your request.

Chronic Disease Management

Dealing with a pet’s chronic disease can be stressful for both you and your pet. The impact of a chronic illness, compounded by multiple trips to the vet, can greatly affect your pet’s well-being, level of happiness, and stress. In addition, the results of diagnostic tests can be affected as well. However, with at-home consultation, we can prevent frequent trips to the animal hospital. This makes dealing with your pet’s chronic disease a little easier and less stressful.

I use an individualized strategy to manage your pet’s illness. This includes diagnostic testing plans, specific diet recommendations, and supplement guidance. I closely monitor your pet’s response during treatment and adjust where necessary. Although I am able to treat most chronic disease with this approach, with some diseases, I will have to adhere to certain stricter standards.

The first chronic disease veterinary house call is $250. Follow-up veterinary house call prices are based on treatments and necessary diagnostics Any necessary treatments or diagnostics will be additional. I can provide estimates prior to the house call at your request.

Hospice Care

Sadly, a pet’s recovery pet is not always a possibility. If your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness, hospice care can ensure that the time they have left is as long and comfortable as possible.

Diagnosis of a terminal illness does not mean that euthanasia is the only option. Your pet may not be ready for you to make that final decision just yet. I can come to your home for a consultation. If we find that hospice is an appropriate choice for your pet, we will make a hospice plan together.

I will guide you through the disease process and progression so that you will know what to expect during the final days. Hospice care may involve fluid therapy, pain management, massage therapy, supplemental nutrition, wound care, incontinence management, and more. When the time comes for humane euthanasia, I will be there to gently help your pet along in their journey. They will be in the comfort of familiar surroundings with people they love.

The first veterinary house call hospice exam is $160. Any necessary treatments are additional. I can provide estimates for continued care after the initial house call.