Dr. Loudon D.V.M., represents the epitome and gold standard of modern Veterinary Medicine and care. Well educated, knowledgeable of all species, she renders exceptional treatment. Dr. Loudon is skillful, understanding, confident, competent and exhibits uncanny patience; genuinely demonstrating compassion concomitantly with empathy both towards her “Patients” and their respective owners. Dr. Loudon will walk you through your pets treatment plan step by step, all while providing both personable and professional updates concerning your pets’ condition and or any modifications to her prescribed plan of care. Dr. Loudon continues this communication even after her patient has been discharged, reaching out frequently to check on your pets wellness. She saved the life of our family K9 and was prepared for all that presented. When our K9 took a turn for the worst, Dr. Loudon literally dropped what she was doing on her day off to perform what would be a life saving surgery. We think very highly of her as a both a Veterinarian and an individual. It is because of you that our precious baby girl (K9) is still with us and continues to thrive. We appreciate everything that Dr. Loudon has done for our girl. For that we are forever grateful.

Thank you Dr Loudon!