About Dr. Lynda Loudon

Dr. Loudon showed and trained dogs from the age of 5 until she was 18. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Rhode Island and attended Ross University where she received her veterinary degree. She then took a small animal internship at an emergency and referral center on Long Island. After completing the internship, Dr. Loudon began a 10 year career as Chief of Emergency at The Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island. She was Medical Director of Nassau/Suffolk Animal Hospital for almost 3 years and then was Medical Director at Animal Emergency Service on Long Island.

Healing Haven Animal Foundation

In 2013, Dr. Loudon founded her own nation-wide non-profit organization, Healing Haven Animal Foundation. Its main purpose is to fund urgent veterinary care for pets whose owners cannot afford to pay for treatment. Healing Haven Animal Foundation also provides funding to clinics treating stray animals that are in critical condition.

Joey the Pit Bull

Dr. Loudon was recognized by local and national news outlets for her role in saving the life of an abused pit bull puppy named Joey in 2012. Authorities had determined that Joey was a bait dog for dog fights. When he was injured, the perpetrators shoved Joey into a garbage bag and threw him out of a moving car onto the shoulder of a road. A person who had seen this heinous act rescued Joey and brought him to Dr. Loudon’s clinic. In the following months, Dr. Loudon treated the pit bull pup’s life-threatening injuries and paralysis–she was amazed by his progress. Joey’s story was featured on News 12 Long Island, CBS, and NBC as well. Dr. Loudon and Joey were also guests on Fox and Friends. Eventually, Dr. Loudon adopted Joey and he has been a loyal and beloved pet ever since. Watch Joey